Thursday, 12 July 2012

Types Of TDS Certificates

There are many types of TDS certificates depending on the type of work or organization which are mentioned below:
Salaries from an organization (Form 16):
To issue a TDS certificate for salaried individuals, FORM 16 should be used to file returns which contain all the Tax computed details including the Tax deducted & Paid details etc. This form also has reference to the details that are submitted on Form 24Q.
Non-salaried (Form 16A):
To issue a TDS certificate for a non-salaried, FORM 16A should be used to file returns that contains the details on tax deducted & tax paid. Depending on the nature of payment, separate certificates need to be prepared and issued for every section. This form has reference to all the details as mentioned under Form 26Q and 27Q.
TCS Certificates (Form 27D):
For applicants filing Tax Deducted at Source, Form 27D should be used for filing returns which in turn would entitle them for availing the TCS certificate.

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